Start the Weekend with Ceviche

It's Friday and the start of the weekend.  Why not start the evening off with an easy recipe of ceviche, tortilla chips for dipping, and margaritas. I love ceviche and it's such an easy recipe to prepare.  It does take a little before hand preparation as the recipe reveals. Ceviche serves 6 Ingredience: 2 salmon... Continue Reading →

Snacking Plate for Two

I have fallen in love with making these snack plates for my husband and I.  I make larger ones for when we have company. They are so great to have on hand in the frig.  You can just pull the plate out with some dressing or hummus.  It's great when you're hungry and don't know... Continue Reading →

March is National Craft Month

It is National Craft Month.  And I love to create - to celebrate I thought this rag heart wreath would be a great project to share.  This is an easy project that even the kids will love. Supplies List: 3 different contrasting colors of cotton fabric (1 yard each) 1 wire frame (mine was a... Continue Reading →

Rhubarb is a Vegetable

In the past few days I have found out some interesting information:  1. Did you know that October is National Rhubarb Month? Well, it is and I decided to beat the rush by posting early.  2. Rhubarb is a vegetable in the celery family.  (This little tidbit was something I did not realize, but also... Continue Reading →

March is Only . . .

Taken at Gibbs Gardens In anticipation of Spring Daffodil is the March Birth Flower The daffodil symbolizes ' unequaled love (one that can not be rivaled or imitated'. February is only, as I am writing, has two days until the end.  Then we happily bring in March.  March is the month of many celebrations: the... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year (A little late)

Hello Friends and Welcome to a New Year.  I know what you're thinking.  January has pasted and we are 6 days away from Valentine's.  I have chosen to start my new year in February.  I just wasn't ready for January and the new year. I used January to figure out where I am going with... Continue Reading →

Family Reunions are the Best

  Do you remember when families came together?  Not just at meal time, but reunions, weekend visits, or just dropping by to say ‘Hi’.  I remember walking a path from my house to my grandparent’s house almost every day; coming together at every holiday.  I know life styles have changed.  The demographics of families have... Continue Reading →

The Love of Family

My husband and I have just returned from his families biannual Family Reunion in Pennsylvania.  He is blessed to have such a wonderful family.  I am blessed that I am a part of this group of (at any given time) of 45+ people (give or take). It began in 2014 as just a Saturday Reunion... Continue Reading →

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