Dirty Hands, Happy Brain

Spring at Gibbs Gardens Buds on the trees If you love to garden then the first signs of spring-like weather you are ready to get outside and start planting.  Before the planting starts there is planning, preparing soil, and starting those seedlings.  At my house the planning, preparing, and seed starting is for a container... Continue Reading →

The Fruits of Summer

Oh, the fruits of Summer.  I just love it when all the things are in season.  There is nothing like the taste of a sweet red strawberry or a peach that is so juicy, when you take a bite it runs down your chin and arm.  Going to pick beautiful cherries, blueberries, and blackberries (yes,... Continue Reading →

What I Discovered This Week

Peace in the GardenIs it 2021 yet?  It feels like we have lived a whole year of life and it has only been about 5 months going on 6.  And with this living my emotions have been up, down, and just plan sideways.  There is a lot happening in the world and especially here in... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Dessert Bowls (How To)

I love making these little chocolate dessert bowls.  You could make them as a surprise or make them with the kids.  They are very easy and are a fun addition to the dinner table. Chocolate Dessert Bowls Ingredients: *10 oz. of semi-sweet chocolate chips (You can use any brand of chips you like; I use... Continue Reading →

One Day of Magic

It snowed in Georgia yesterday.  I know, I know, big deal right.  Well, here it is a big deal.  Our weather, most times, consists of warm, hot, very hot & humid; to rain, cold, and icy snow (heavy on the ice).Yesterday’s snow was a perfect snow, powdery and wet.  It was just right for playing... Continue Reading →

Remember Why

Remember WhyReflecting Pool at Normandy American Cemetery in FranceToday is a day to remember why.  Why we are able to fly the American Flag.  Why we can worship where we want; read what we want; have a voice and vote; work and travel freely. Normandy Beach Memorial American cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer in NormandyUSS Midway Aircraft Carrier MuseumThese... Continue Reading →

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