What I Discovered This Week

Peace in the Garden

Is it 2021 yet?  It feels like we have lived a whole year of life and it has only been about 5 months going on 6.  And with this living my emotions have been up, down, and just plan sideways.  There is a lot happening in the world and especially here in the U.S.  There is a lot of conflict and confrontation, which causes much anxiety.  For me I just want to make everyone happy; and, yes, I know that is not possible, but I am forever trying.

So this past week rather than be filled with anxiety –  I have read, listened, and learned about all that is happening.  In today’s post I thought I would share my favorite discoveries with you guys.  There are just a few, but for me, they were a great help in the understanding of these past few weeks and extremely meaningful to me.  I hope that you like these wonderful people as much as I do.  Hoping you like what you will see and hear, and that it brings hope in this coming week.
This podcast is just the perfect way to start a day.  A new podcast that was started by 2 friends at the beginning of the virus quarantine, to help people and each other make through yet another day at home.  It is filled with many laughs, truths, and just plain fun.

Tuesday of this past week Annie and Eddie had a guest for the first time.  The founder of ‘Be The Bridge”, LaTasha Morrison  (Be The Bridge @beabridgebuilder We are a racial literacy organization empowering people and culture toward racial healing, equity and reconciliation.)  LaTasha also has a book, ” Be the Bridge: Pursuing God\’s Heart for Racial Reconciliation”.  After listening to their talk I fell in love with LaTasha and I was filled with hope.  Give it a listen and if you love it go back to the beginning where it all started on That Sounds Fun podcast – TSF Quarantine Episode 1 (March 14).
*Just Add Honey Tea Company
I am a tea person and I discovered this great shop while scrolling through Instagram.  It is located in Atlanta.  Follow them on IG,@justaddhoney.  Just the photos alone make you happy and can’t wait to visit.
Today’s Sunday Message delivered by Pastor Andy Stanley
A few weeks before quarantine my husband and I were visiting Browns Bridge Church, an affiliate of North Point Ministries.  Today’s message was good for the soul and leads you towards being a better human.
*Artist: Danielle Coke
I found Danielle Coke by accident.   Danielle combines art and words to create extraordinary illustrations.   You can follow her on IG, @ohhappydani.  And while you are there listen to her  3 part conversation on IG TV about the things: God, Justice, educating yourself, making a difference, and heart change.  She is another person you will love.

            My final recommendation is the message from today spoken by Pastor Andy
            Stanley.  His message today was good for the soul and makes you want to
            become a better human.  Helping us through a time when we are not sure what
            to do or where to start.

Friends, I hope that you will check out these sites-
give them a listen,
a view,
or if you live in Atlanta, a visit

Hope your week is filled with discoveries,


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