Happy New Year (A little late)

Hello Friends and Welcome to a New Year.  I know what you’re thinking.  January has pasted and we are 6 days away from Valentine’s.  I have chosen to start my new year in February.  I just wasn’t ready for January and the new year.
I used January to figure out where I am going with my blog, my art, my photography, and all the other things that I love to do.  I spent January writing, thinking, and creating; realizing that I am not just one thing – I am many things wrapped up into one.  There are so many things I love to do: art (all its different mediums), photography, cooking, and writing.
Why am I not sharing all the things I love?  I was trying to follow the formal of other people and not following my heart.  This year I want a change.  I want to write and share more of who I am and the things I love (all the things I love).
So, whether I have 1 reader or 100 I hope you enjoy this year of 2019 with me: stories, encouraging words, art, crafting ideas & demos, recipes & photos; and just good fun.
February Sky
May you lift your eyes to the Heavens and be Blessed
Happy Weekend

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