March is National Craft Month

It is National Craft Month.  And I love to create – to celebrate I thought this rag heart wreath would be a great project to share.  This is an easy project that even the kids will love.
Supplies List:
3 different contrasting colors of cotton fabric (1 yard each)
1 wire frame (mine was a heart shape)
1. Spread your material out on the table. Measure and tear strips of fabric 1″ x 8″.
2. Take a strip of fabric, make a loop over the wire frame pulling the ends tight through the loop making a hitch knot.  Alternating the different fabrics filling the wire frame.
3. When the wire wreath has been filled with the strips of fabric and there are no gaps, it is finished.

I am making my next wreath for Spring and it’s all about the honey bee.

I hope that you will give this easy project a try.  If you do send me a photo in the comments.

Happy Crafting,
Libby Stephens

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