Summertime Strawberry Pie

It's summer and it's Hot, and it's the weekend.  This strawberry pie recipe, to me, is the best.  Yes, it is simple; yes, it uses ingredients that are prepackaged (don't know, but that is a sin to some).  And, yes, you can make it more complex if you wish. If you are having friends over,... Continue Reading →

Soup: the best for a cold day

It's a cold 35° on this Monday in March.  The weather is kind of riding the fence these days.  It's not dead of winter, and not yet spring.   There are signs of the arrival of spring: flowering cherry trees and dogwoods are blooming; and the daffodils are a beautiful bright yellow. There are still grey,... Continue Reading →

Go, Go Gadget Tuesday

Tuesday has always been the day that I have shared gadgets that I have purchased and tried out.  There have been some great purchases and every once in a while there is a stinker.   Today I want to share about the William Sonoma Goldtouch Nonstick bakeware.  I am a big fan.  I first bought one... Continue Reading →

One Month Ends and Another Begins

The past few weeks have really just been a whirlwind of activity.  October is the month when all the Apple Houses open up.  There is apple picking, festivals, and all kinds of happenings that center around apples.  I, myself, have been to 3 apple houses in these two weeks to get my fill of apples. ... Continue Reading →

Impossible Dream?

In the mornings I try my best to have a quiet time.  Though not always successful I read a devotional, my Bible, and have a time in prayer.  I also keep a book handy to write in; not necessarily a journal, but an everything book.  In it is my schedule for the day; goals for... Continue Reading →

Go Go Gadget Tuesday

It has been a while since Gadget Tuesday.  I wanted to bring it back because there are so many fun kitchen/cooking gadgets out there (good and not so great).  This day, this gadget is one of the best. I have made the most wonderful gadget discovery.  I was at my favorite stores, Bread Beckers. (The... Continue Reading →

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