Impossible Dream?

In the mornings I try my best to have a quiet time.  Though not always successful I read a devotional, my Bible, and have a time in prayer.  I also keep a book handy to write in; not necessarily a journal, but an everything book.  In it is my schedule for the day; goals for the week/month; inspirational quotes.  You get it – an everything book that I keep with me all the time. 

I was looking through my book for a little inspiration and came to this reading that I had copied and glued in the front.  It was a reading from ‘Guidepost 2016’ about pursuing ones dreams (something I am still working towards today). It reads:

“For with God nothing will be impossible.”  -Luke 1:37 (NKJV)
“A speaker at church talked about the courage to pursue our dreams.  “What dreams I have, God put in my heart, so that makes it a mandate that I respond to them because they’re from God.  And remember, you will not know how the dream will be fulfilled, only that through your actions it will be”.
I thought back to when I’d found the courage to pursue a dream.  For years, I’d wanted to write for Guidepost, but had no idea how to go about it.  Then a friend read about the biannual Guideposts Writers Workshop competition and urged me to enter.  I was hesitant.  Seeing my reluctance, she added, “God doesn’t give you the dream without giving you the courage to take the action to pursue it.”  With that, I wrote my story and submitted it.  Accepted or not, win or lose, the point was to act on my dream, to do something about it, toward it.
I’m happy to report that my entry provided the opportunity to fulfill my dream of writing Daily Guideposts devotions, which I’ve done since 1999.
Dreams can be opportunities to step out in faith, not knowing how the dreams will be fulfilled, and that can be scary.  But just as the speaker said that night, “If your dreams aren’t big enough to scare you, then they probably aren’t big enough.”
Written by:  Melody Bonnette Swang
So, in the past year I have pursed one or 2 of my dreams.  It has been challenging and scary at times, but at least I took that first step and I can say that I am pursuing my dream(s).
Some days are easier than others.  Some days I feel like giving up.  That\’s when I need that little bit of inspiration; that little push.  So, sink or swim I am continuously pursing that dream and finding a use for the gifts God has given me. (Oh, and I never read anywhere that the journey would be easy.)
On this Monday I hope these words will encourage you to pursue your dreams.  Work at what makes you happy.  
Happy Monday

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