Fast Food (in Paris)

 It has been 3 months since my last post and I seemingly shut down for many reasons:

1. The arrival of a new grandchild in May.  I now have 4 wonderful grandchildren.  And the last born (after 3 boys is a girl.  Now, since I was  tomboy growing up; had 3 sons of my own; there is now a little girl (so I have much to learn).

Vann (on right) pre-k graduation

2. Travel: first to West Palm; then, France; and back to West Palm.
West Palm Beach
Paris street and Louvre Museum at dusk
3. And next was an old sports injury that has come back to haunt me.  I had 2 knee blow-outs in one month.  This resulted in a new adventure in pain.  Because of this, I have been granted the gift of a new knee, which I will receive in October (not the sort of present I want to open, but, thankful for medical technology).

4. The last reason I was trying to figure out where I am going in life (but, I won\’t bore you with details).

5.  Oh, and I almost forgot
Canning – tomatoes, lemon cucumber relish, pickled jalapenos 

*Now, let\’s get back to what I love doing – food photography, cooking, new recipes, finding new gadgets to use, cookbook finds, and just being in the kitchen.

Fast food in Paris is something people do not think about.  Eating in Paris conjures up the thought of sitting at a  Café, sipping wine, and eating cheese with a small baguette (I did plenty of this).  And, when you are American and think of  \’fast food\’, images of McDonald\’s (I did see one McDonald\’s in Paris, but I was not exactly looking for this) or Taco Bell pops into your head.

In Paris and other cities in France the fast food that is available is called a \’take-away\’ (and nothing like American fast food).  While in-between visits to beautiful gardens, museums, and train rides we would make a stop at a small (rapid service) restaurant.  These fun little places had quick service and wonderful \’take-away\’ menu selections for lunch:  toasted baguette sandwiches, fresh salads, and pastas (all made to order).  And let\’s not forget the pastries.

After you received your order all that was left was to find a near-by park and a bench in which to sit.  (We did have to learn to relax and remember that we were on vacation.)

The \’Fast and Easy\’ recipe for today is the simple, but wonderful \’take-away\’ I had almost daily: a toasted baguette filled with goat cheese, tomato slices, and fresh basil.  It\’s as simple as that.

 Oh, how I miss Paris!   

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