Go Go Gadget Tuesday

Today is gadget Tuesday.  I want to introduce you to a gadget that I have had since the year 2000.  In all these years this gadget has never let me down.  This wonderful gadget is my ‘Whisper Mill Grain Mill’.   At the beginning of every week I grind flour from my bucket of hard red or hard white wheat.  With this freshly ground, unprocessed flour I make my own sandwich rolls, buns, cookies, and breads for the week. 
Why do I grind my own flour and make my breads?  Well, I started this process for health reasons (I have IBS and items made from processed flour cause stomach upsets).  Now after all these years I would not change back to name brand processed breads – they have no taste and the texture is like eating cotton. 
Wheat grains and freshly ground flour
The source for my Whisper Mill, buckets of grain, and other supplies I use are from a family owned business named ‘Bread Beckers’.  Bread Beckers provides all the things you would need from the buckets of wheat and the grain mills, to salt and local honey.  Their store is just fun to explore.  Go to their web site (www.breadbeackers.com) for their location, retail & on-line store, video demonstrations, and calendar of classes.  If you have ever wanted to try the process of grinding your own flour; taking a class at Bread Beckers is a great place to start.
Chocolate Chip Muffins (made with soft white wheat)  

fresh bread dough ready to make into sandwich rolls

sandwich rolls ready for the oven

Sandwich rolls fresh from the oven

There is nothing like the smell of bread baking in the oven, or the taste of a warm muffin right out of the oven.

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