Happy Tuesday!

This post was for Monday, but I got behind on the photos and never made it.  So, Happy Tuesday!  Yesterday I had a very ambitious ‘To Do List’ and started my day late (7:30 am, was suppose to be up by 6:00).  I realize that this is not a tragedy, but did not want to spend the day playing catch-up; which is what I most certainly did.  Rather than dwell on my mistakes let me tell you my goals for the blog, the recipes, and the photos for the week.
1. I want to try and recreate a sandwich that I had in West Palm Beach at
 the restaurant “Guanabanas“.
2. Bake Valentine Cookies with the new cookie cutters
3. Make chocolate/peanut butter candies
4. Finish knitting my Valentine Hearts
5. Hand-make Valentine cards
5. Take the above cookies, candies, hand-made cards, and knitted hearts; assemble
Valentine packages to mail to (well, I can’t tell)
6.  Take photos of all the above and share them with you
-So, let\’s get started because I am already a day behind-
The Valentine cookies are ready for baking
I am using a traditional sugar cookie recipe with red food coloring added
(will decorate with icing)
(I will post the finished product and along with the packaging in the next post)
 This next set of photos are from the restaurant ‘Guanabanas’ in West Palm Beach, Florida.
This is one of my favorite places when we visit.  Siting inside the Tiki hut you have a
wonderful view of the water, boats, and the paddle boarders.
 My idea was to try and recreate the ‘fat cuban’ sandwich that I had the last time I was there.
(It has pulled pork, ham, swiss cheese, and a mustard sauce on toasted bread. Wonderful.)
 Starting off with a pork butt, marinated overnight in a vinegar and spice recipe.
(recipe for the marinade and the mustard sauce in the next post. And a photo of the finished product.)
Thought I would end with this wonderful tropical drink I had
Dolphin Crusher
(If I close my eyes I can hear Jimmy Buffet singing in the background)
Here’s to a terrific Tuesday!

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