Good Friday/Holy Friday

Legend Of the Dogwood Tree
I was told the story of the Dogwood Tree when I was a small child.  I always loved this story and it has stuck with me all these many years.
The legend is: the cross from which Jesus was crucified was made from the dogwood tree.  (In Jesus time the dogwood grew as big as an oak tree.)  God decreed from that day the dogwood tree would never again grow large enough to be used to make a cross.  The dogwood to this day remains small.
The dogwood flower resembles a cross; the center of the flower with its bright red, clustered fruit resembles the crown of thorns, and the bright red represents the blood of Christ.   The dogwood blooms in April when Easter marks the resurrection of Christ after being crucified.
As I grew up I found there is nothing in the Bible about the dogwood tree or the type of tree that was used to crucify Jesus.  Even so, the legend, the dogwood tree, and the beautiful flower can help us all to remember the sacrifice Jesus made for the world; His great love and mercy.
Blessings on this Easter,

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