Go Go Gadget Tuesday (The Best Veggie Slicer)

Today is all about 2 particular gadgets – veggie slicers.  The inspiration behind my purchase these 2 slicers is the cookbook “Against all Grain” by Danielle Walker.   I had purchased this wonderful book (more about this and the recipes in Wednesday’s blog).  Several recipes call for veggies noodles.  For this I needed a veggie slicer/noodle maker.

My first veggie slicer purchase is the second reason for this review.  The first noodle maker was very disappointing and I went in search of something much better.  Here are the results of my search.  (I want to make a note that this review is my own opinion.  I have not been paid to try these products.)
The first slicer noodle maker was the Spirelli (pictured on the left).  The second purchase was the Spiral Vegetable Slicer.
                         Let\’s talk about the Spirelli shall we. 
1. Peel the vegetable; then you must trim it down so the vegetable will fit in the slicing chamber. There is a top with prongs to hold the vegetable (this did not work for me).  I held the potato in my hand and manually twisted to produce the noodles.  To me this was a difficult process with very disappointing results.  2. Pictured is the remainder of potato that will not fit in the cutting end. 3. If I want the other end to fit; must again trim the down (more waste) 4.  End result is – small amount of noodles and a lot of wasted vegetable. (Also, I used a sweet potato to see how difficult it was to turn in the peeler.)

Spiral Vegetable Slicer

The Spiral Vegetable Slicer really makes vegetable peeling fast and easy.  It comes with the 3 blades in the photograph.

1. There is a storage area under the device for the blades and you press down the suction pads to secure the slicer to the counter.  2. The first blade pictured produces a slice cut.   Place the blade in the front chamber 3. Attach handle and prongs to hold vegetable or fruit.  4. Affix vegetable or fruit to the prongs.  Hold the handle on the tray to push forward while turning the handle.  This produces nice thin slices.

  This blade produces slightly large noodles.


1. Pushing forward and turning handle to produce the noodles.  2. & 3.  picture of the large amount of noodles this slicer produces. 4. picture of the amount that is left after cutting.  (There is very little waste.  You could cut this into slices and use in a veggie tray with dip.)

 A closer view of the spiral noodles. 

The final blade produces a smaller noodle.

1. Push the handle forward and turn.  2. Close-up of the handle that you push forward while turning.  3. & 4. The results from the third cutting blade.

**The pros of the small hand-held veggie slicer
(Spirelli): it is easy to store; fairly easy to clean; the smaller price.  The cons:  hard to handle; the waste out weighs the production.
**The pros of the larger veggie slicer (Spiral Veggie Slicer): very easy to work – secure, turn the handle, and get noodles like magic; easy to disassemble and keep clean; makes great noodles or slices;  There is very little waste of the vegetable.  The cons: the price (but can get it for less on Amazon); it is larger and not as easy to store.
*For my money I my vote goes to the Spiral Veggie Slicer.
The possibilities are endless with this little gadget.  It makes it easy to eat healthier.
Hope you enjoy this little review

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