Go, Go Gadget Tuesday

Chop! Chop!
Can you guess today’s gadget? I know it’s not hard to figure out where this is going based on the title.
When you read a recipe and it calls for a small amount of veggies to be chopped, to which kitchen gadget do you turn?  Your chef’s knife, the food processor, or one of those choppers you pound with your hand?
All of the above are great (well, I am not a fan of the hand pounding chopper), but each has its draw backs.
                   chef’s knife – I love to use when I am taking
                   my time making a new recipe or creating
                   something new.
                   food processor – I pull it out for big jobs.
Now, let’s go to the every day.  You are in a rush, it’s been a busy day.  You just would like to get dinner on the table.   You need to chop an onion. 

The gadget I pull out is the ‘veggichop’.  I have had this chopper for a year – I Love It!  You can chop onions (no tears), veggies, make salsa, guacamole, chop herbs.  It works like a salad spinner – just pull the ring on the top.  Great for: small fixin\’s, no strength in your hands, and people with arthritis.    

Again, I love my chef’s knife and my food processor.  But, for the convenience, easy to clean – small jobs – the ‘veggie chop’ is just the thing.
*If you have any gadgets you would like me to write about; send me a message and I will do my best.
Have A Great Tuesday!

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