Have You Ever Wondered?

(Today I have just a few thoughts I want to share: no recipe; no photos (o.k. maybe one photo)
This is just an in-betweener – on June 30th there will be a post
with many photos and recipes.  I just had some thoughts today
that I wanted to share.)
Have you ever wondered why you are here?  Do I make a difference?  I do – all the time. 
Besides all the things I love – photography, painting, cooking, etc.  
I wonder if I have made someones day better or worse.  Did I listen to them
when they were speaking?  What about that friend that needed a  meal?
 a prayer? a kind word?  Was I there for them? did I take the time?
I came across an old letter this morning that was thanking me for being there, for listening,
for being a friend.  I probably did not solve their
problem(s), but I did acknowledge that they mattered.
It is amazing that just that little act of being there and listening
could rock someones world.   I hope that I can always
be that kind of person to listen when someone has a 
burden; to make someone laugh, to be a friend.
So, if you ever wondered how you can help someone – 
just be there 
show them they are important
I hope everyone has a wonderful day and an amazing weekend!
Go out and rock someones world!
** side note —–
As of July 1st \’Google Reader\’ is closing its doors.  You can still connect and 
read my blog as well as other wonderful & amazing blogs by 
switching over to \’Bloglovin\’.
Bloglovin is great – they are organized 
you can join and read all you favorite blog
just by typing in the name in the
search box – then hit \’follow\’.
Everyone will be in one place.
Here it is – on June 30th
(along with a new post – photos & recipes)
I will replace my Join button with
Bloglovin –
Please come and join me there – 
Love to All

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