Crazy Monday

Here’s to Leaving Behind a Crazy Monday and
Looking at a Brighter Tuesday
Yesterday was one-of-those-days.  There probably is nothing else to say except – It was Monday. 
Oh, it started out pretty bleak (in my mind anyway) and went downhill from there.  My first mistake was that I woke up and from there
the ‘pity party’ started (you know the poor me syndrome); next my computer went on the blink; and the topper was
when I went into ‘Lightroom’ and all my photographers
were gone.  Don’t know what happened
overnight – but they were gone.
I know what you are going to ask – Did I have backup?  Did I
have them on CD’s?  Did I have them on a USB drive?
The answer to all of those questions is: Yes, Yes, and Yes.
But, I still wanted to find them on the ‘%$@#$!*&’ computer. 
So, for the next 2 hours I searched and am proud to
say I found them – all of them. Yeah, Me!
 But, don’t ask me
to explain what happened because I have no clue.

There is another very good side to my crazy Monday.
Because of all that happened you all were spared the depressing blog post I had written.  Today is a new and brighter day.
It’s Tuesday!
(I was going to put one of  those Happy Faces below
but wasn’t sure about copyright so here
are the happy faces of my grandson
and my husband in a photograph taken my me.)
Along with the ‘Happy’ photo I have shred the very depressing post that  was written on Monday.  I now have a new plan for
next few days.  My son gave me a wonderful book
that is all about desserts.  What better way to 
lift the someones spirits and brighten a day!
(there are 14 chapters – let’s make a special
dessert from each chapter.)
Dessert Starts Tomorrow!
I will share one thing that I wrote on Monday
just because I love the movie
“Nemo” and  I love Dori.
So, from the immortal word of Dori,
“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.”

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