Two of the Best

Hello to all,  I know I have neglected this blog lately, but, in my defense I have been preoccupied with school.  Most of my time has gone into preparing for Graduation.  Yes, that’s right, I have graduated and I am on to a new chapter in my life.  Enough about me and on to my next blog post.

Passion, Creativity, Visionary, Taste, Driven, Attention to Detail
To me these are powerful words that describe a chef; a top chief.  These people have a vision and to them Good is not good enough.  In a chef’s mind ‘it can always be better‘.

You ask, “Where have I seen such a person?” (besides on T.V.) As luck would have it – I know someone that fits this description perfectly.  This person is my son Matthew.  He started his cooking journey at the age of 14.

Upon finishing high school he traveled to Hyde Park, New York and the Culinary Institute of America.  It was at the CIA that he was classically trained in the skills to becoming a Chef.

From the CIA he went on to work at the Greenbriar Resort in West Virginia, Kyma in Atlanta, Georgia (part of the Buckhead Life group) and at the present he is at the Ritz Carlton in West Palm Beach where he is the \’Chef de Cuisine\’ at the Temple Orange.
It was at the Greenbriar that I had the privilege of working for Chef Matt.  It was a special event and they needed volunteers.  Everyday for eight days, 16 to 18 hours a day we cooked, chopped, garnished, and plated food.  I gained a new respect for my son that week.  It was hot grueling work and I would do it all over again given the chance.
He then moved on from the Greenbriar to the Ritz-Carlton in West Palm Beach. Recently I went for a visit and he allowed me to take a few photos back in the kitchen. . . .

So, next time you are dining out and reading over the menu think about the Creative, Driven, Visionary behind the cuisine ‘the Chef’.

I will leave you with the words of a great Chef my son admires:

When you acknowledge, as you must
that there is no such thing
as perfect food, only the idea of it, 
the real purpose of striving toward perfection
is clear:  to make people happy,
that is what cooking is all about.
Thomas Keller (The French Laundry Cookbook)

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